Who I Am

I am a young lawyer who opened up my own firm in my home town straight out of law school. I offer a variety of legal services, from domestic issues to criminal defense. I will help you defend yourself against criminal charges; sue telemarketers and debt collectors who harass you; and help represent you in divorce, child custody, and child support cases. I do both defense and plaintiff’s work.

What I Can Do For You

Offer you reasonable prices and excellent communication. I am always on the lookout for ways that technology can help make the legal process easier. For people who are tech-savvy, I’m able to offer increased communication and transparency. You can view filed documents online at any time, get your billing statements via email, pay your fees electronically, and reach me with ease via e-mail and Skype. For clients who don’t care about computers, this technology saves me time and money, and helps me pass the savings on to you.

How to Hire Me

If you want to know if I can take your case, you can call, e-mail, or fill out the case evaluation form on the right. We will work out if I can take your case, and if so, how much I will charge. Some cases I will take on a full contingency. Others are paid for on a flat fee basis, and others are billed hourly against a retainer. The method of billing chosen depends on the nature of the case. You can click here to see examples of the fees I usually charge.